groupe brochu

A family of entrepreneurs recognized for their expertise and knowledge of the agri-food sector, Le Groupe Brochu has been evolving in this field for 4 generations. Today, the company invests in companies and value creation projects in the agri-food sector in Quebec and Canada.

Our mission

To invest and participate in the development of recognized companies in the agri-food sector.

Our vision

To pursue the diversification of the Groupe Brochu while ensuring the growth and profitability of our companies.

Our values

– Respect

– Integrity

– Entrepreneurial spirit

– Sustainability

Our history

Founded in 1913, in Saint-Henri de Lévis by Joseph-Napoléon Brochu and his wife Amanda, the J.N. Brochu Inc. general store’s mission was to offer its customers, the agricultural producers, all the products they needed for their farm and their essential needs. Three of their sons; André, Donald and Paul-Henri contributed to its growth. From the general store to the family farm, the company has grown to become an important part of the Canadian agri-food industry.


Agri-Marché developed the agricultural production and animal feed sectors known as Agri-Marché. The food sector was developed by acquisition under the name of Salaisons Brochu for pork slaughtering and Charcuteries Lafleur for processing. This division was acquired by Olymel in 2004 and the Groupe Brochu remained a partner in Olymel.


In 2013, 100 years later, Guylaine, Jean-Pierre and Patrice Brochu, Donald’s children, took over the business. Patrice became the president of the company and is supported by a complete management team and a Board of Directors chaired by Mr. Clarence Turgeon, three of whom are family members. Four members of the fourth generation are now trained, involved and motivated by the future of the company.

Foundation of J.N. Brochu Inc

J.N. Brochu was founded in 1913 by Joseph Napoléon Brochu in Saint-Henri-de-Lévis. At the time, the company included a general store, a farm and a small slaughterhouse. Joseph-Napoléon could count on the contribution of his wife, Amanda, and their family of 14 children to run the business.

Acquisition of a butcher shop in Quebec

Groupe Brochu acquires a butcher shop in Quebec City on Ste-Thérèse Street, Brochu & Fils, which is taken over by Joseph-Napoléon’s 2 sons, Fernand and Laval.

Construction of a first feedmill in St-Henri de Lévis

The first feedmill is built in Saint-Henri-de-Lévis on the company’s property.

Acquisition of the business by brothers André and Donald Brochu

Brothers André and Donald Brochu take over the running of J.N. Brochu Inc., which includes feed sales, a small slaughterhouse and a general store. They will be accompanied and advised by their brother Paul-Henri.

Fire at the St-Henri feedmill

A major fire completely destroys the Saint-Henri-de-Lévis feedmill. The 2 brothers join forces with their brother Sylvio to move to Saint-Isidore and expand the existing Sylvio Brochu feedmill (current Agri-Marché site).

Construction of a new slaughterhouse

The Brochu brothers build a new slaughterhouse and develop the international pork trade under the name Les Salaisons Brochu. André Brochu manages the meat sector and Donald, the food and animal production sector.

Acquisition of A. Lafleur Inc.

The Group acquires charcuterie A. Lafleur Inc. in Quebec City, one of Quebec’s leading meat processors. The company will then be relocated to Saint-Henri-de-Lévis.

Nova Grain Inc's participation with Cargill

Groupe Brochu joins forces with Cargill to invest in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu cereals trading company, now Nova Grain Inc.

Acquisition of a feedmill in St-Jérôme

The Group acquires a feedmill and establishes a presence in the western part of the province.

Supraliments completely merges its activities

The Group merges its pork slaughtering and processing activities with Olymel and retains a stake in Olymel.

100 years for Groupe Brochu

André and Donald Brochu decide to retire. Guylaine, Jean-Pierre and Patrice Brochu take over the company.

Aventus Innovation

The Group invests in Aventus Innovation, a new controlled-release biotechnology company under the NutraJit brand name.

Creation of JNB

Creation of the JNB division, a distributor of agricultural products and accessories.

Acquisition of a grain centre in Ste-Rosalie

Acquisition of a grain centre in Ste-Rosalie.

Acquisition of Pintendre Grain Centre

Acquisition of Pintendre Grain Centre.

Acquisition of Floradale in Ontario, a feedmill and farms

The company acquires a feedmill and Floradale Feedmill hog farms in Ontario.

Participation in KSM Innovation fertilizer sector

The Group invests in KSM Innovation, a company in the fertilizer sector.